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We manufacture and distribute Pro 5 brand apparel. 

Pro5 has incorporated innovative ideas in creating the highest quality heavy duty T-shirts at a reasonable price. Our T-shirts are preshrunk 100% U.S. cotton. We understand that comfort, fit, style and quality are some of the most important aspects in producing a great product. Our innovative ideas have surpassed our competition by providing a T-shirt with a tight neck fit that is still very comfortable and will not change even after countless washes. Available in a variety of vivid colors. We believe in producing only the best.

We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, dependability, quality, and excellent customer service. We understand that building a strong relationship with the consumers is the most important part of our business.

Since our introduction to the urban fashion industry, we have committed ourselves to create new products that cater to a diverse group and we are constantly working hard to provide our customers with hot new products. Currently, our product categories include jackets, sweats, accessories, heavy duty T-shirts (long sleeve, tall, short), athletic T-shirts, reversible jackets, and hoodies, mesh shorts, cargo sweatpants, children’s T-shirts, thermals, V-necks, and many more still to come. Pro5 defines lifestyle and highest quality at a reasonable price.


For international shipping, contact us via email.


Ducksung, Inc.

2301 S. Broadway.

Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Tel: (213) 748-0555

Please ask for Online Wholesale Department when calling.

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